UX - Delete/Change "My*" ItemType default search

Where I'm doing Aras development work I need to put company initials on all our ItemTypes.

But, when I go to search ITs there are these pesky behaviours:

1. I always need to delete "My*" and enter the company initials.

2. I still need to click search - and I cannot set "Auto Search" to true as admin user.

How would I go about changing or deleting "My*" as a default?

Bonus: How to enable "Auto Search" on ITs?

UX: To me it is silly to default a search term and still require user interaction to actually run the query.


I managed number 2 using root user credentials and AML post. I've confirmed and now ITypes have results right away, as desired.

Now, if I could only identify the AML representation to update the IType -> Properties -> name "Default Search"... oh, Properties is a Relationship, right? I'll start there.

I got a hint from my Method IType, where I was able to use the GUI to define a default search that works just fine (matching a naming convention for this company "BL".

Haha! This works - but you have to be "root", not just "admin":

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