UX - Delete/Change "My*" ItemType default search

Where I'm doing Aras development work I need to put company initials on all our ItemTypes.

But, when I go to search ITs there are these pesky behaviours:

1. I always need to delete "My*" and enter the company initials.

2. I still need to click search - and I cannot set "Auto Search" to true as admin user.

How would I go about changing or deleting "My*" as a default?

Bonus: How to enable "Auto Search" on ITs?

UX: To me it is silly to default a search term and still require user interaction to actually run the query.


I managed number 2 using root user credentials and AML post. I've confirmed and now ITypes have results right away, as desired.

Now, if I could only identify the AML representation to update the IType -> Properties -> name "Default Search"... oh, Properties is a Relationship, right? I'll start there.

I got a hint from my Method IType, where I was able to use the GUI to define a default search that works just fine (matching a naming convention for this company "BL".

Haha! This works - but you have to be "root", not just "admin":

  • You could store a couple of "favourite" Searches with the "Star" symbol. So you can store searches for "Everything", "just my company stuff", "..." . Definitely speeds up the process.

  • Hi,

    Here is a good video on new "search" features on ARAS 12:


    This should help you.

  • This is how:

    I do wish it were easier to share code here, but this works to do both 1&2 at the same time. BUT, YOU HAVE TO BE "ROOT", NOT "ADMIN".

  • Hi Neil,

    keep an eye on if this modification of the ItemType 'ItemType' may have some negative side effects. 'ItemType' is a core item (it´s THE core item!!) so you should avoid to change this one. That´s why Aras makes it hard to change and forces you to use the root account.

    ItemType 'ItemType' is used as template for each new ItemType you create. So it can happen that your Search mode is copied to. No big problem, just keep this in mind.

    This posts reminds me to this other post:


    I assume you haven´t worked with good old Innovator 11 yet. In Innovator 11, your last search entry in the Simple Search line was always stored. This was pretty useful, as you always got your last search value as soon as you opened an ItemType in the TOC. When Aras could bring this behavior to Innovator 12, this could avoid that you change to many of the default ItemTypes.

  • Hi Angela,

    Thank you for the warning. I don't want to mess things up!

    However, it bothers me that "Auto Search" isn't defaulted to true/1. So, if this change would cause all new ITypes to have that then I fixed more than I thought!

    Actually, even the search term "BL_*" as default for all new ITypes would be splendid as we prefix all our in-house changes with that.

    I read the other post regarding simple search saves. I see that behavior in modals all the time. It even seems to remember across interactions with various ITypes. For example, if I'm adding Identities to one item type and search for "Susan*" (from class) then, when adding Identities to another type there's Susan*! But, I actually don't like that I need to always clear that out to search for all. Maybe I'm just not an avid user, but it has never been helpful in the context I just described.

    Anyway, thanks again. I hope I didn't break anything.