Change Document Classification

I need to change a document classification name that has been assigned to about 100 not CN controlled documents. They have been assigned the document classification "Reports-Commerciality" and I need it to be a sub-class under an existing class named "Reports-Internal". The new class will be "Reports-Internal/Commerciality". Is there a way to change these using AML Studio or some other method?

  • Hello,

    For one-time data fixes like this, I'd recommend using a SQL query. While it would be possible to write an AML query to do this, you would need to make sure that all of the documents you want to update are in an editable state. Depending on the versioning logic on your documents, an AML query may also lead to some unexpected versioning since this isn't really a noteworthy change.

    As a general note before you run any SQL query, I'd recommend taking a backup of the database just to be safe. Also, if you have a future use case where a query is going to be run repeatedly, I would not recommend writing that using a SQL query as it bypasses the Aras permission model.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer