CR In Review Email Notification

I set up an email notification in the CR life cycle that is sent when the CR moves to "In Review". We have two business units and currently i have to send both company emails to both release coordinators (one at each business). How do i modify the coding so if the the business unit is business1 it notifies John (only) and if it is business2 it notifies Carl (only).  Currently I have both names in the "Configure E-Mail window.

Body Html

${cr_number} is now pending your review in Innovator.
        <td>Business Unit:</td>
        <td>CR Number:</td>
        <td>Change Request:</td>
        <td>Change Reason:</td>
        <td>Requesting Department:</td>

Query String

<Item type="a_CR" action="get" select="id,cr_number,a_businessunit,a_businessunit,change_description,change_reason,req_dept">

  • Hi dkinsley,

    There's not a way to handle this kind of logic through configuration alone. You'll need to use a Pre- or Post-transition method on the life cycle to check for the business unit and send the email to the appropriate people based on that. Pre-transition methods are typically used for validation to make sure that the item can actually be promoted to the suggested state. Post-transition methods are typically used for extra things that need to happen after the item has been promoted. So this use case is best handled as a Post-transition method.

    You can check out Section 7.14 of the Programmer's Guide for a sample of how to programmatically send an email. Note in that sample, they build the contents of the email within the method code, but since you already have the email in your system, you can simply query for that one within the method.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Oh, okay - thank you for your reply!