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Hey Everyone,

Hopefully this is an easy question to answer but I can't seem to find it. With the new version of Aras Innovator (12) Is there a way to drag the relationship menu up and down on the form? On the old version it was possible as seen in the link


It seems in the newest version I just have to resize the form I am guessing? Is there a property I can set somewhere? I thought it was a pretty handy feature, its a shame if it got removed.


  • Hi Sithen,

    With the move towards wrapping the item form and relationships grid into accordions, the ability to manually resize those components has been removed and replaced with options that are more streamlined. Users can now focus the screen by clicking on the arrow in the top-left of an accordion to collapse it.

    An administrator can resize how tall the accordion for the form should be by opening up the Form (Administration > Forms) and changing the Height field in the Form Properties tab. The relationships grid will automatically adjust the height each time you select a new relationship tab based on how many items appear in the relationships grid.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

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