Create Excel From ARAS C# Method


I have to create excel from ARAS 11 SP15 C# method,

Is there any dll we used for 'Export to Excel' option in ARAS?

Please suggest, Thanks in advance.




  • Hi Amruta,

    There isn't a standard DLL that can be used to create an Excel file from a server method. However, we do have a blog post that goes over how to configure another DLL so that you can use it from your server code. 

    Just googling around a bit, there seem to be a number of libraries that allow you to create and manipulate Excel files from C#. I can't recommend any of them in particular since I've never done this myself, but once you find one that seems good, you can follow the steps in the blog post linked above to allow you to use it in your C# method.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for response, Please let me know 

    How 'Export to Excel' is done in Aras, what is the library method? how to use that?
    I want to use same way to create excel.

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  • Hello,

    The standard export to Excel functionality is done through client-side code. It basically takes the XML of the items in a search grid and puts it through an XSLT transform to generate XML in a format that Excel will recognize. Client-side code like this is not possible to be run on the server.

    Could you elaborate on your use case? If it's a hard requirement to have this Excel generation happen on the server in a C# method, you will need to investigate another approach like using a 3rd party library to build the Excel file yourself. However, if this is happening on some user-run action it may be possible to run JavaScript code instead so that you could use the standard Export to Excel functionality.