MPP Operations does not saved when I changed to select an existing operation. Thanks.

Hi  all,
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Here is an urgent issue that need your help. In  MPP (Process Plan) module, we are trying to change to select an existing operation instead of  inserting an operation manually in MPP.  Since I updated the code as Screenshot below, the operation dialog works as I expected, but the Operations we selected does not save into database, of course it does not show in the mpp panel as well. please see the screenshots below.
Thanks very much.
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Jen Li

  • Hello,

    The mpp_Operation ItemType is actually a null relationship off of mpp_ProcessPlan. This means that it does not have any related data and also that it has a source_id linking it to an individual Process Plan. Because of this, a single operation cannot be shared between different Process Plans.

    Depending on your exact use case, one alternative could be to create a copy of the mpp_Operation that a user selects from the search dialog to attach to your new Process Plan. 


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks alot for replying me!

    Based on my understanding as you said, if I manually add the mpp_Operation Itemtype as a Relationship Type of mpp_ProcessPlan, then would it work that way? 

    The last question is I try to copy the mpp_Operation as you suggested and it pops up the error as screenshot below, do not have an idea about this. Appreciate it!

    Best regards,

    Jen Li