[Urgent]How to change the "State" in Preview property dialog

Hi Experts,

I have an issue with State of the Part item. Due to some issue the workflow process was cancelled in between some state . Then the state of the part was updated via sql query from Under ECO submission" to "Work In Progress". But if i search for the part i can see the grid state as WIP but the preview property dialog still shows the previous State of that part. Pls ref the below image for better idea,

I have no idea how to update the state in preview property window. Is there any table that holds the data of preview properties where i can update the state? or is it just a view of Part table? they why it is not changing the state. 

Or is there any ways to change the state of preview property when actual Part state is in WIP? Please help me fix this issue. 



  • Hi Bala

    State property should not be modified through SQL. 

    Follow below steps and let me know if it works

    Update the previous value in SQL table for this part

    Navigate to Administration --> Life Cycle --> Search and Open Part life cycle

    Check for transition Work in Progress to Under ECO Submission (if not exist, you need to add this transition and give role (Super User)

    Save and Unlock Part Life Cycle

    Relogin to application as Super User

    Navigate to the Part you want to change state

    Right click and select promote and select the state you want to change

    Thank You

    Gopikrishnan R

  • Hi Gopi,

    Thanks for  the response.

    I tried to promote the Part at "Under ECO submission state" that was already cancelled in a workflow process.

    But i received the error as shown below,

    No promotions available is shown.

    I checked the part life cycle map  and i can see the transition from "Under ECO Submission" state to "Work in Progress" state but the Role was "Aras PLM". I even changed that to super user and tried promoting but same error appeared.

    And after cancelling the Workflow process still i can see the preview property window shows the first item in grid as Active only. rest all shows closed.

    open the item and can see the state as closed. So confusing.

    Note:- workflow process is cancelled using sql query only. Please is there any other ways to fix this?



  • Update using SQL query will prevent all server events execution and it is not recommended.

    Can you try adding your user account to ARAS PLM role and relogin to application and try promoting it

  • Thanks Gopi!! It worked after adding myself in Aras PLM role. I can able to promote the parts.

  • Thank you!! you too stay safe:)