Automated deployment to Production

We are wanting to create a way to do automated deployments to the Production server from our QA server (which is manually updated from our different Dev servers and the developers local environments.) Is there a way to import the packages via command line?  
  • Hi djjerme, You can use the console upgrade utility for importing and exporting Aras Innovator packages. It's included in the Package Import Export Utilities download. Here's an excerpt from the doc that includes parameters for the console upgrade utility:
    The Console Upgrade Tool is a command line version of both the Export Tool and Import Tool described above. The command line parameters can be obtained by typing ‘/?’ as the command line parameter. 
    Required Parameters : 
        server=url        server's URL (e.g. server=localhost/InnovatorServer) 
        database=db       database's name (e.g. database=dbWithoutSolution) 
        login=uname       user's login (e.g. login=root) 
                          NOTE: login must have root or admin privileges password=pw user's password (e.g. password=xxxx ) 
        release=rel       release's name used by import only (e.g. release=rel11.0) 
        mfFile=path       explicit path to .mf file (Not required for export. Default behavior is “export all”) 
    Optional Parameters : 
        import            import or export (by default export) 
        merge             used by import only (by default uses non-merge option)
        fastmode          used by import only (by default uses thorough mode that provides more through verification of the applied AML) 
        verbose           used by import and export (by default uses non-verbose) 
        dir=d1            export: output directory 
                          import: location of the manifest file 
                          NOTE: the specified path must exist. If the parameter is not specified at all, 
                                user is prompted for the path 
        log=logpath       full path to the log file. If specified file already exists it's appended. 
        description=desc  release description used by import only (e.g description="SolutionsUpgrade") 
        vlog              save the resulting log file on the vault (don't save if the argument wasn't specified) 
        level=n           request attribute 'level' that is used for non-dictionary item types (used by export only) 
                          default: level=1
    Hope this helps! Eli
    Eli Donahue Aras Labs Software Engineer
  • Canwe do deployment in ARAS without bringing down the application?