Cover Page & User Input

Good day all.  I could use some advice on creating a cover page for our BOM report.  If you have read some of my previous posts, you may know that our database is a bit messed up.  I can't change our report.  I have created another report and formatted it the way our team has asked for.  I can pull all of the information in ARAS into the report.  The problem I have is the information that is not in ARAS (or not part of the Parts List).  This is what I am trying to accomplish.

1. When the report is ran, a pop-up window will appear to ask for the information that is not part of the Parts List.

   A.  The number of pages in the BOM (user can just add the number, last page of the report)

   B.  Who the Drafter is (without associating a form directly to an ItemType, I don't know how to have the user pick from the User ItemType)

   C.  A Notes section.

I tried following 8.1 User Input for Reporting Services-based Reports from the XSLT Report Tool Users Guide (dated 4 Jan 2018).  When I run the report a pop-up window appears and I can type in the information I want, but not select the User.  When I click on Submit the window disappears & nothing else happens.  I'm not sure what I am missing with this.  Thanks for any help that can be provided. 

ARAS v11 SP10

  • I was able to add fields to the output of the report by using the following line & styles.  The styles present just the box without borders & a light blue background.  Placeholder provides a "note" for the user that goes away as soon as they click in the box.  In one of the lines I added Size.  This made the field short.  I have it inside of a table cell & the normal length would cause the cell to change size. 

    I would rather have this setup as a user input window & then the report generated, but this is a suitable workaround until I figure it out.

    <input class="no-outline" placeholder="Drawing Number"/>

    <input class="no-outline" placeholder="1" size="1"/>


        input {
          border-top-style: hidden;
          border-right-style: hidden;
          border-left-style: hidden;
          border-bottom-style: hidden;
          background-color: #eee;
        .no-outline:focus {
          outline: none;