Promote Related Items When Source Item is Promoted

Does anyone have a solution to promote related items, once a source item gets promoted?  
  • Hi Yoann, same case, I am also facing. I have attached some related items of item type "CAD" using relationships in "Part" item type instance. Part has it's own workflow and Lifecycle. I can promote the part using promotions in workflow. "While promoting Part, I want to promote the state of related items(CAD Docs) also."  Que 1.- Is it mandatory to create a separate workflow for "CAD" item type ? (I do not want extra notifications in "My basket" for CAD  Doc promotion) Que 2- Is there is any way to control lifecycle of related item (CAD DOC) directly using server methods from "Part" workflow..? If yes, Please share some sample code... Right now I am using this in server event on "Part" workflow- (CAD item type has sepearate Lifecycle with no workflow process) Aras.Server.Security.Identity roleIden = Aras.Server.Security.Identity.GetByName("Owner"); //–Your Transition's Role here bool SetPermission = Aras.Server.Security.Permissions.GrantIdentity(roleIden); var cad_docs = "<Item type='CAD' action='promoteItem' where=\"[CAD].item_number='"+itm_num+"'\">" + "<state>In Review</state>" + "</Item>";0 doc_itm.loadAML(cad_docs); var results = doc_itm.apply(); It's showing error "Internal Error: failed to get the transition to promote the CAD from Preliminary to In Review". Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
  • Hello,
    I am facing the same issues and have no clue how to program with AML.
    Have you any code you can share? This would help a lot

    Best regards,


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