How to get parent Item type recursively

I have structure where, I have to find all the parent Item in my BOM tree, so How to find it by aml query, or  any server side method for finding all parent Item in BOM.  
  • Hi Maddy, As I understood your query, your are trying to do reverse operation using GetItemRepeateconfig. You can try below AML then, <AML> <Item type="Part BOM" action="get" repeatProp="source_id" repeatTimes="2" select="source_id(name)" > <related_id> <Item type="Part" action="GetItemRepeatConfig" select="name" id="{your bom part id}"></Item> </related_id> </Item> </AML>
  • I've tried this and it doesn't repeat since you put the fix id to the related_id's Item. It always do one level I think.

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