How to refresh a form after a applySQL


I want to handling the minor_revision with a plus '+'  beside the field minor_rev. 

I used the code of the add-on  Adding-Minor-Revision-Handling

The end of the code is : 


String itemTypeTable = thisItemType.Replace(" ","_");
String SQL = "UPDATE [" + itemTypeTable + "] SET ";
SQL += "[" + itemTypeTable + "].minor_rev='" + newMinorRev + "'";
SQL += " WHERE [" + itemTypeTable + "].id='" + newVerItem.getID() + "'";

Item res = inn.applySQL(SQL);

return this;

The value of the minor rev is update in the database but not on the screen. I need to save the Item (document) to have the new value of the minor_rev field in the screen

How can I update the form (the screen) to have the right value of the field after a  inn.applySQL ?