[Urgent help] You have insufficient permissions to perform 'update' operation

Hi Team,

I couldn't vote for an activity and move to another activity in a workflow. While hitting the complete button of voting dialogue it throws the below shown error

I verified the Activities life cycle state permission and added the user identity group and given update access.

Also added the identity to workflow process item type permission and given the update access to that identity.

I checked the part item generation as 1 and it is in unlocked state. What else need to check to fix the issue. 

This happens only for few users and mainly in one sub workflow activity voting. Other activities in workflow is going smooth with votings.

lifecycle of the part and am voting for DAB at DRB activity. Both the activities state permissions added with user identity with update access.

Another important thing is the Activity DRB has sub workflow and am trying to vote for DRB QA and Sourcing which is always giving one or the other error on permissions.Sometimes update operation /sometimes Add operation permission issues.

As am a fresher struggling to resolve this issue. Am not sure what am missing to update in permissions. How to fix this? any other ways to approach this issue?

I really appreciate your Help.



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  • Hi Nathan,

    There is another similar issue that am facing . Pls ref the error msg below,

    This is also occurs while voting to DAB Activity from DRB activity. I added the identity group in workflow process of that part and gave update and other necessary access permissions. But still user couldn't vote for that activity and same error occurs. Lifecycle state permissions of the subworkflows DRB and DAB are also added with those group identities and given update permissions.

    What am i missing here? Please advice.



  • Bala,

    This is an odd error.  My first thought was to check the Can Add section of the ItemType, but my understanding is that is only to add a new item.  I would check it anyway.  Check the Life Cycle Map permissions for each state of the Life Cycle.  It could be that the people trying to do this are not in the State Permissions group.  Another thing to check would be any methods that are being used by the Life Cycle, Workflow, or the ItemType.  There could be something in the method that is causing the problem.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.