Federating Files in ARAS


I am currently looking into federating some data coming from another system in ARAS. The objects themselves are already being displayed correctly but now I'm looking into being able to display the main file for each of there objects in ARAS.

I wanted to ask if there is a way to "federate" the files while still being able to use the native ARAS file item fields, etc... The amount of files is quite high so if possible I would like to avoid creating File Items for all of them...

Thank you,

  • Hi,

    I am not sure if it´s possible to federate files the same way as we federate data. But I would be also interested in this option!

    As far as I understand your use case, your files shall NOT be copied/transferred to the Aras vault. So your files are stored somewhere else. Is this correct?

    I wonder if we can specify some kind of alternative Vault that links to another data source. Federating "File" item would probably require that we build a fake file id and also fake a "Location" item so Innovator knows that the file itself is not withing innovator. 
    But I am not sure if we really can use the File ItemType this way.

    Another option would be, not to use the Innovator File ItemType and just add some kind of html links to the files. 

    Well, just some ideas - no real solution.