ARAS 12 - Force to take all the available place

For an ItemType without relationship,  ARAS 11 lets all the available place for the display of the item.

See my ItemType in ARAS 11:

But with ARAS 12, this is not the case.

See the same ItemType in ARAS 12:

Is there a solution to force the "Costing Context" to take all the place or to remove this frame ?

Thank you in advance for your help?


  • In the "Form" / "Form Properties", I can change the "Height" to 1000 (default value is 234).
    This is better but, this doesn't take all the available place.

    In fact, I would like to fit the content size.

  • Hello ,

    You can removed relationships tab with the help of configuration. So you can use complete screen for Source item.

    You can do Tabs Off in "Default Structure View" property on your item type.

    Please find the below screenshot to disable relationships tab.



  • Hello Suhas,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I already have the property on "Tabs Off".

    In the "Form" / "Form Properties", if I change the "Height" to 1000 (default value is 234) then the display is better but now I have 2 vertical scrollbars. One for the frame "Costing Context" and one for the main frame.

    For me, there is no sens to have a main frame with only one frame. I would like to have the content of the "Costing Context" directly in the main frame (like in R 11).