ARAS 12 - Force to take all the available place

For an ItemType without relationship,  ARAS 11 lets all the available place for the display of the item.

See my ItemType in ARAS 11:

But with ARAS 12, this is not the case.

See the same ItemType in ARAS 12:

Is there a solution to force the "Costing Context" to take all the place or to remove this frame ?

Thank you in advance for your help?


  • In the "Form" / "Form Properties", I can change the "Height" to 1000 (default value is 234).
    This is better but, this doesn't take all the available place.

    In fact, I would like to fit the content size.

  • Hello ,

    You can removed relationships tab with the help of configuration. So you can use complete screen for Source item.

    You can do Tabs Off in "Default Structure View" property on your item type.

    Please find the below screenshot to disable relationships tab.



  • Hello Suhas,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I already have the property on "Tabs Off".

    In the "Form" / "Form Properties", if I change the "Height" to 1000 (default value is 234) then the display is better but now I have 2 vertical scrollbars. One for the frame "Costing Context" and one for the main frame.

    For me, there is no sens to have a main frame with only one frame. I would like to have the content of the "Costing Context" directly in the main frame (like in R 11).

  • Hi,

    I found the dirty hack:

    • onPopulateForm, I execute the following javascript code:
      // Remove accordion
      let accor = parent.document.getElementsByClassName("aras-flex-grow");
      let accor_content = parent.document.getElementsByClassName("aras-accordion__content");
      if(accor_content.length>0 && accor.length>0) accor[0].innerHTML = accor_content[0].innerHTML;
      let ff = parent.document.getElementsByTagName('aras-form');
      if(ff.length>0) ff[0].style='height:auto;';

    • Where document.resizeIFrame is:
      document.resizeIFrame = function() {
      let iframe = parent.document.getElementById('instance');
      if(iframe!==undefined) {
      let marge=10;
      let currentW = marge+iframe.clientWidth;
      let newW = marge+iframe.contentWindow.document.documentElement.scrollWidth;
      if(currentW!==newW) = newW+'px';

      let currentH = marge+iframe.clientHeight;
      let newH = marge+iframe.contentWindow.document.documentElement.scrollHeight;
      if(currentH!==newH) = newH+'px';
      setTimeout(() => {document.resizeIFrame();}, 1000);

    • At the end the result is much more better:
    • As you can see the accordion has been removed and all the available place is used

    But, this is possible when there is no relationship. 

    When, the ItemType has a relationship, I can not use this hack and I still have the issue:

    In ARAS R12, how to you deal with that issue of free place not used ?

    In advance thank you for your answer because I'm really blocked by this issue.

  • Hello,

    The simplest approach to this would be one that you've already suggested of just changing the height of the form under the Form Properties tab. The intention is that you would be able to specify the height based on the fields that you've added to the form to ensure that the form can be exactly as tall as it needs to be to fit the content of the form.

    It appears that the contents of your form would be going off the screen even when the form does take up the full screen height. It also appears that you're using some sort of search grid within your form. As an alternative approach, would you be able to move this large section of the form into a relationship tab itself?

    If you still want to use the custom search grid you've built, you can move that section into a new, separate form and then render that form inside of a relationship tab. You can do this by following the steps laid out in this community project. Essentially, you'd add a new null relationship to your ItemType and then add use a Relationship View to tell Innovator to draw a form inside of that relationship tab instead of the normal search grid. This would likely require some minor updates to the way that the grid is populated, but I think it's the cleanest approach.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Christopher,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I really need to have this "huge" html content. There is in fact many tables and graphs with some of them are interacting with others. So, I can not split them in many ARAS tab. But, I can split some part.

    I already put some customized form as relationship tab and I discovered yesterday in "Aras Innovator 12.0 - Configurable User Interface Administrator Guide.pdf" that I can put the same content as tab of the Item instead of tab of the relationship area. I have a question about this:

    Is it possible to add a form as tab of the item without having to do that ?

    • Define a new NULL relationship for the ItemType
    • Add a customized form for this relationship 
    • With CUI, add the relationship as tab of the ItemType accordion

    Something like:

    • Define a form
    • With CUI, add the relationship as tab of the ItemType accordion