How to update local v12

I can't seem to find how to upgrade a local v12 to the latest revision, or service pack. I still have issues with Chrome, and cannot instruct the company to adjust their chrome settings, and I cannot enforce HTTPS on our internal servers, and I *think* the latest SP somehow squashed same origin issues?

Anyway, my v12 doesn't even have tab and secondary menu item pinning and I really really want that after going through a class this week. So nice!

On my class v12 there's this:

But, no prompt on my local machine, and no apparent click-to upgrade on any menu.

Please tell me how to upgrade ASAP!?

Thank you,


  • Hi Neil,

    are you an Aras subscriber? Then you should contact Aras to get the update process started.

    If you don´t have an subscription, you will not be able to update to 12.0 SP6, cause this SP is no free version. You will have to wait for the next free version and do the transfer of your system by yourself.

    Regarding HTTPS, you will have to change a few codetree files and do some changes in IIS. As far as I remember, there was a nice little overview in the forum regarding this one.

  • Thank you. I work for a subscriber, so hopefully I can do this because there are a lot of nice improvements from base v12. I will contact support.