Method form should use reasonable tabbing order - v12

I was finding it very annoying that the Method Form has a tabIndex of 0 on Name, but then a tab index of 256 on Comment.

What this does is make it so you can fill in the name and when you tab, well, nothing is apparently selected by the naked eye, but on the fourth tab the WYSIWYG editor gets focus - as it should because it comes with tabIndex of 4.

Some other elements have other indexes - I believe they're assigned to the editor and I don't know how to change that.

So, I found a fit.

Name = 23

Comment = 24

(arbitrary numbers from trial and error - outside the scope of the editor that seems to have reserved tabOrder spots...)

Now, when I focus on Name - which never got auto-focus and some other element also has tabIndex 0, BTW, I can finally smoothly tab from Name to Comment when adding a function - and then to Exe Allowed...