PLM Item Behavior between a Parent and Child


I'm wondering if anyone has a good understanding regarding the PLM Item Behavior between a Parent and Child. Right now our behavior configurations are as follow:

- Relationship Type

     - Part to Part                         Hard Float

     - Part to Document               Hard Float

     - Part to CAD Document      Float

- Life Cycle State

     - Preliminary                          Float

     - Review                                Float

     - Released                             Fixed

As per Part to CAD Document was set as Float, I came across an issue that the Parent part doesn't get the latest CAD document until it was released. I knew that if I set Part to CAD Document relationship to Hard Float, the Parent Part will always get the latest revision of the child, however we would also lose the history of the previous CAD Document history. I'm wondering if anyone would have any suggestion how I could set up the relationship between Part Item to CAD Document that allows Parent Part to have the latest CAD document even though the new CAD document revision has not been released. Thank you very much in advance for any feed back.



  • Hi Jakk,

    You can find a breakdown of the different Item and Relationship Behaviors under the Just Ask Innovator help menu accessible by logging into your instance and selecting Help in the user menu. 

    Could you also clarify what you mean by "we would also lose the history of the previous CAD Document history"? Are you trying to have a relationship both to the most recent version of the CAD Document and to the older released version of the CAD Document?


  • Hello Chris,

    What I meant that we would lose the history because if I change the relationship of the CAD Document from Float to Hard Float, any time Parent Part will link to the latest CAD Document version. If we want to check the history or previous Parent revision we wouldn't see the previous CAD Document revision anymore.