Error in workflow map default selection

whenever a workflow is checked as default inside an item the flowing error is popped up. How to solve this.

My second question is I have created a workflow map but when an object created under an item type. The workflow map should show an assignment under the assigned person inbasket but it is not happening for me. What could be the possible reason?

 <af:exception message =" Aras.Server.Core.ItemIsLockedException " type =" Aras.Server.Core.ItemIsLockedException " />
 <af:item type =" Practice " id =" BAFF726B423E488AACCD265BB0A5CBF4 " />

  • Hello Diptasubhra,

    I'm having some trouble replicating your issue. The error suggests that the item you're creating is locked when Aras Innovator goes to assign the workflow. Have you tried making a simple test itemtype and a basic workflow, and seeing if the error persists when combining those? Assuming that works, building back up step by step to see when things fail could give a more precise answer to what's causing your issue.

    Skyler C.

  • I figured out it was due to promotion. I didn't have any promotion in the previous step and i gave the promotion on assign which caused the error.