v11 - Sick of needing to lose so much for this antiquated popup login yuck sticky cookie curse

Dang me if I haven't gone and deleted 20 different sites' cookies along with losing my pinned tabs for various cloud services, etc., etc., because Aras doesn't actually respect logging out.

Yes, I can clear just the cookies for aras, but should I have to!?

I'm on a meeting and it comes up we need to log in as a different user. I click "log out", but Aras don't care! So, in a rush, I clear cache and cookies.... and this process screws all my other work, work tracking, bug tracking, everything! So, I try incognito windows. Seems to allow two log ins, one time. Then, even incognito windows do this dumb stuff.

I hate the login process from 1999. Is there a way to:

Make this thing clear cookie on logout so we can use different users?

Get rid of the three page login process!?

  • Hi Neil,

    I used to see this issue in 11.0 as well, though I haven't run into it since I've started doing the bulk of my work in 12.0. The way I used to resolve this issue was by closing and reopening Chrome. I wouldn't need to clear my cache, and I would be able to log in as a different user in the reopened Chrome window. This comes with it's own interruptions to work, but I would typically be able to just have Chrome open all of my recently closed tabs without losing any of my active work.

    As an alternative when I needed to test different users, I would open a different browser like Edge or Firefox. This would let me do things like make changes as an admin user in Chrome and then test those changes as a normal user in another browser.

    The login process can be modified. This is most commonly done by enabling Windows authentication. As you're part of a subscriber, you can find a configuration guide in the Aras Innovator CD Image called Windows Authentication Setup. With Windows authentication, there's also an extra option that lets you bypass the login screen.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • I'd like to just borrow you for a couple days. I'll drive, you give directions.

  • I've been developing with Aras for years now, so there's a lot of details like this that I take for granted and assume that everyone knows. I appreciate these kinds of questions you've been asking. It's nice to see things from a fresh perspective since it lets us know what kinds of resources would be useful to create. :)