Relationship grid vertical borders are not aligned between head and body rows

Hello All,

We have a relationship grid, which has 46 columns.

In Firefox browser, we can see the vertical border of cells in head row, as well as simple search row, are not aligned with the cell border of body rows.

The more clumns you have, it is more obvious you can see in the right part of the grid.

Not sure if you have experienced this issue. Is it an Innovator bug?

Our Innovator version is 11 SP15.My Firefox is 52.6.0 ESR 32-bit. Display reslution is 1920x1080. OS is Windows 10.

Below is screen capture.

  • Hi Jerry,

    I can confirm this behaviour in SP15! I so far decided to ignore it...

    Wrong alignments are some how the key signature of SP15. The service pack introduced a lot of them (properties pane, MPP, relationship grid,..). Grin

    Regarding this one I assume it´s fixed in Innovator 12. It´s probably just a CSS bug in one of the files in the codetree.

  • Hi Angelalp,

    Thank you for confirming this.

    But I am not sure if it is fixed in Innovator 12. I downloaded release notes of Innovator 12, but did not find any fixed issue is relevant to this case.

    Which version of Innovator are you using?