Connecting SSDT and aras reports

Hi, I got a problem to connect ssdt and aras reports.

I guess the problem is report query.  

  • This is my report query in aras reports

  • After that, it gives an error message when I generate a report

Please let me know what else should I check

Thank you!

  • Don´t us Generic, use Item. Otherwise your "id" won´t work. But 401: Unauthorized indicates a more general problem Your query string looks fine. Do you have specified your SSRS access in the InnovatorServerConfig.xml?

    And do you have specified the SSRS folder in the Variable "Report Server Folder"?

  • Hi!

     <Domain>Domain for the above User</Domain>

    I already added in innovatorserverconfig.xml but still 401 error. please let me know which part do I need to check

    Thank you!

  • I remember that in my case I had to use SSRS instead of ReportServer:

    And has your user access to the Aras database (see SQL Server management Studio)?

  • yes of course.. but still same error