Aras theme

Hello Team,

Is it possible in Aras to apply external UI templates? 

Suppose I have UI template (css and js files bundle) and I want to apply it in Aras. So all forms and all complete Aras UI will looks like according to my theme (Instead of changing css on form).




  • Hi Suhas,

    Editing the styling of the complete Aras Innovator UI is not easily possible. Applying a stylesheet to a Form is more easily possible.

    You can apply an external stylesheet against a Form by editing the Stylesheet under the Form Properties tab of the form editor. You can also change the default value of the stylesheet property on the Form ItemType to use a new default stylesheet that you've created to make sure that any new Forms that are created use your custom stylesheet.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hello Christopher Gillis,

    Thanks for the reply.

    It's very difficult to change the existing forms (for UI consistency). And to change the external CSS for each new form is not good practice (As per the development standard it should change at one place if changes are required)

    e.g. If I have design few forms and again some changes are required  in theme then again I need to update all forms css. 

     If I'm using html page instead of form or grid in a relationships or in a Main grid then again I need to do changes in HTML files.

    So I'm thinking on alternate solution  to overcome all this changes.