Aras12 add a new Change relationship tab


I just downloaded Aras12 and see that the part changes tab now relates to a Tree grid view and Query definition.

 whatsapp web Has anybody with Aras12 tested to create a new change tab and add correct relations?

In Aras 12 "PE_Changes" query definition, they have been able to add Simplrouterlogin e ECO's etc, bu192.168.0.1 t I can't figure out how.
I cant see how they did that, due these references are not available as choices when trying to add them to my new query definition

  • Hi Steve,

    I'm not sure how the standard PE_Changes query definition works, but it is possible to pretty easily write a new query to do a reverse lookup to see what Simple ECOs are affecting a given Part. This one will actually require two different reverse lookups as described below.

    1. From the Parent Part, do a reverse lookup to Affected Item (Old Number) and to Affected Item (New Number)
      1. Alternatively, you can manually change the JOIN condition on this element to include an OR for both properties
    2. From each of these nodes, do a reverse lookup to Simple ECO Affected Item (related_id)
    3. From this node, do an item property lookup to source_id
      1. This will be the Simple ECO

    Then from your Tree Grid View, just map the bottom most element(s) of the tree to see a flat list of the Simple ECOs. You can follow a similar approach to add any of the other change items to your query.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer