Promote ECR status on release of Express ECO

I have modified the life cycle of the ECR to add Implemented status. I have also added ECR relationship to the Express ECO. I would like to know how to add the ECR as an Affected Item so when the ECO is Released the ECR State will be promoted to Implemented.

  • Hello,

    To start, I want to note that the Express ECO Impact Matrix is custom-written for the use cases it currently satisfies. It is possible to customize this functionality by editing the method "Express ECO ImpactMatrixGrid" in the database, but it will be non-trivial to do so.

    With that being said, the closest comparative functionality to this would be the use of the EDR on the Express ECO. I'd recommend taking a look at that relationship and how it's handled in the Impact Matrix to get an idea of how to implement this new relationship to ECR.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer