upgrade aras from 9.4 to 12


I have aras with database of 9.4 , the database is full with information that I have filled.

unfortunately I cant work with 9.4 anymore since it works only on IE10.

Is there any way to change the database structure to meet the 12 version?



  • Hi Ofer,

    Aras does have an upgrades team that handles upgrading databases from any previous version to the current one. Upgrades are also included at no additional cost with an Aras subscription. You can email info@aras.com for more details on getting an Aras subscription or if you have any additional questions about the subscription itself.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hello christopher,

    I have mailed few times to the email address that  you have written without any respond.

    can you help here?