A feature idea: Image-reverse-lookup / Image search


I don't know if this is possible, but an idea...

A common scenario is a person comes to me with a part in his hand and ask me  

what is the part number of this part / in which assembly does this belong?

Almost impossible to answer on a single physical part

How would it be if user could take a photo of the part, upload the photo to an Aras search and
get hits on corresponding parts by their images ?

I think that would be a great Aras functionality.

Pinterest, Google photo and other search engines use the reverse-image-lookup feature

Here is also a really nice article about it



Just a thought..


  • Cool idea!

    A simple image comparison (not as smart as Google's) could maybe be done with the calculated hash of the reduced version of the image. I assume people often just use product photos from the web for their items, so a simple comparison may be sufficient already for the purpose.

    The hash code could be stored when an image is uploaded. This way we don´t get trouble with vaulted images. If you want to access a lot of images from the Vault at once (display them in the grid or in MPP, …), Innovator will just collapse.

    With the hash code stored in the database, you can directly analyse the data on the server by counting the number of bit positions that are different (Hamming distance).

    Visionary work is done! Good luck!