MS Project Add-In for Aras Export/Import

Hi ,

Can we have community project MS Project Add-In for Aras Export/Import  for ARAS12 version. In community project it has specified that we can only implement it for 11SP9 and 11SP12 can we do it for ARAS12. thanks in Advance.

  • Hi Poonam.S,

    This community project was developed many years ago and was designed for Innovator 9. It has never been updated to work with any newer versions of Innovator. Use with 12.0 would require some modifications to the code. While there are no current plans to update this project, it is open source so you could make the modifications necessary yourself. If you end up making any modifications to the project, please submit a pull request to the project so others can benefit!


  • ya sure if I will make any changes will update it.  Thanks  for the reply AJ Sebastian.

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