Part Number removed from ECO during mid workflow

A user has mistakenly removed a part number that was previously in a "Released" state from an ECO and now the part has multiple generations in a preliminary state. 

I need to correct this issues so that all previous versions of this part # is attached to the ECO and that only the latest generation of the part # is in a released state.

Can you please provide steps for a fix?

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  • Hi BoxCoder

    I'm able to see this option in both ARAS 11 (Name: Purge) and 12 (Name: Purge This Version). I guess this is in built action available similar to get and edit. You can try this option using below AML query also

    Run this query in nash or innovator admin tool. Change ID in below query.

    <Item action='purge' type='Part' id='7AADF748B0CE49E1A8ADA82DA0AEB961'>


    Gopikrishnan R

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