"effective_date" check error is missing of the part in the Express ECO?

Hi Aras Community,

I am running a standard Express ECO Workflow for a single Part file. However, Aras pops up this error when the part without proper "Effective Date" assigned. How can I get rid of this check/modify if I don't want it?

"The value of the effective_date property specified for the Part is invalid. A value is required and it must be greater than or equal to the today date"


Thank you all!

  • Some questions first:

    - What is kind of change do you do in your Impact Matrix?
    - What action do you use? (Release, Version, etc.)
    - When the change affects a Part, what is the parts current state and what shall be the target state?
    - Where are you in your Workflow? What is your current Activity and what is your target Activity?

    The Method PE_ChangeItemTransition contains a couple of validation function, but I am not sure if this one is included in the standard test set. 

  • Thank you Angelalp. I found the issue was coming from my Part Form. The data source of Effective Data is BLANK. This caused the ECO can't pass.