How to get Fields of an entity using API call on ARAS innovator12


     We are using IOM.dll, Aras.Cryptography.dll, Aras.Diagnostics.dll, Aras.Net.dll, Aras.OAuth.Configuration.dll, Aras.OAuth.Model.dll, Aras.OAuth.TokenClient.dll, Aras.OAuth.TokenValidation.dll for our integration with Aras tool. Please let me know if there is any API by which we can get field details of a particular Entity. Say entity is "PR", so we need to get fields of that entity(Title, Application Environment, Description Of The Problem ... etc.).


Sushma K.

  • Hi Sushma,

    Just for clarity, the "entities" you're describing are Items within Innovator. And the "fields" are called Properties. That being said, the IOM has the ability to query and retrieve those parameters. I'm going to point you to the programmers guide, which covers a lot about how to utilize the IOM to it's fullest. Section 10 covers how to connect to your Aras instance using the IOM, and section 3 will go over how you can utilize this connection to query specific items and their properties. 


  • Hi,

        We dont need fields of a item. We need to know which are the fields of an entity. Say "Customer" is an entity. We know the entity name. Now we need to get the attributes of the entity "Customer". 

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