Need advice about education for CAD

Hi, I'm currently in the second year in a mechanical engineering program, so far I am not enjoying what I am learning, the only aspect of the program that I enjoy is the CAD, and a few of the math-related courses. I am not too familiar with the steps that I need to take to switch out of engineering and into a CAD program. I am also a bit confused about what education I need to take in order to get a career in CAD. I live in Canada, in case anyone needs to know that.

If anyone has any advice on what steps I should take next I would really appreciate it, Thank you.

  • Steps to switch to another program depend on the university you study at (if you want to relocate within the same university). Regarding the knowledge on CAD prgram I suggest you asking Wish you to switch successfully not waste time on things you don't like anymore.

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