Uploading CADdocs with Relationships from local PC to ARAS

Hi All, looking to create a method to allow me to upload CADdocs into Aras, from my local computer, without needing to use a CAD Connector. I am new to developing for Aras and could use some pointers. Does anyone have any ideas or could lead me down the right path to get something started.

I'm envisioning a form where I select the top-level assembly and its children from a folder on my desktop and upload them into Aras. Any help or tips are appreciated!

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  • I would recommend using a 10 conductor 22AWG ribbon cable. Depending on your setup, you will have to use a mix of male connectors on the ribbon cable and female connectors soldered to the electrical components. This ribbon cable will then need to go back to your breadboard/arduino/Rasberry Pi/W.e you're using and wired using the male/female connectors as well. To supply power to the Arduino board, I would recommend using a 6AWG insulated DC power cable using a barrel-style connector with a  12V DC power supply, similar to the one you'd find on common DC electric equipment at home. If you're not using an Arduino that by default outputs 5V DC, you can use a 12V to 5V converter. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but maybe it'll help. 

    Now if anyone has an answer to my question, I'm still looking for suggestions. 

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