Is it possible to allow adding a relationship while denying data member editing?

Dear all, I am in trouble setting the permission of a  relationship.

I have 2 Item types, say A and B. The relationship is "A can contain numbers of B".

-- A

|- B

|- B

|- B

|- ...

User group Alpha is supposed to have full control of the data, while the Beta group can view all the data, create B objects and add some Bs to A.

I had disabled the "Use source permission" option in the relationship item type and had assigned the permission of the Beta group to the relationship item type. However, when I log in as a Beta group member, I cannot lock any object of type A, so the "Pick/Create" relationship tollbar is always gray, so I cannot add any relationship.

Am I doing the right thing? Or is there any way to achieve my goal?

  • Hello,

    Your permissions are set up correctly to allow your users to add new relationships. The issue that you're seeing is that the Form view of the Innovator client is built around the parent item, so it's not possible to add a new relationship without first locking the parent. However, if you were to just apply AML like the simple example below, you will see that the permissions do allow you to add a new relationship.

        <Item type="Beta" action="add">

    One alternative you could take is to use a custom action that lets your users pick a related item to create a relationship to. This custom action would then use a query like the one above to add the relationship without modifying the parent.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Thank you, Christopher. You are right, I've just achieved m goal via a custom JS action.