Add, Export & Import CAD Documents with attachments


In Aras Innovator 12, I'm trying to experiment with exporting of parts, which are having a CAD Document attached to them (which of course, has a file attached to it). I added the Part, CAD Document, File, CADFiles and Part CAD to the package and did the export process, yet, at the import process I'm receiving the message: [File Item cannot be added.]. I also tried to copy/paste the files from the original Vault to the destination Vault, but got the same message. I tried to move these files with backup operation and it was successful, but as I have to move only a few files, it would be better, if I can solve this with the export/import tool.

Thank you!


  • Hi Chris,

    As a first note, we typically recommend using the Import/Export tools only for moving configuration data like new Methods, ItemTypes, Properties, Events, etc. For business data like Parts and CAD, we recommend using the Batchloader which you can find in the Aras Innovator CD Image.

    In regards to actually formatting the AML to create File items, the server needs some way to reference the physical file so that it can upload it to the vault. When creating a File through AML, this is done by including the full path to the file as it exists on the server in the actual_filename property. Could you check that this property is set in the AML you're trying to apply?


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

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