Set a customized user in workflow history


I want to set a specific user in workflow history report.

Consider I've Part item which have 3 states A,B and C. Usually the signoff from B->C is done by X always but I want to set it to Z in workflow history report. Can I know how it is possible ?


  • Hi,

    you can use dynamic assignments to set the reviewers depended on some properties or other characteristics.

    So you actually don´t set the reviewers in the Workflow directly, but in the Method. This one is one of my favorite community project regarding workflows. This approach helps you to design your workflow much more transparent and easier to use.

  • WIll this code help in setting the name of the user in "Completed By" column of workflow history ?

  • Hi,

    I see your use case is slightly different, so the code sample does not fit your use case to 100%. But it shows very will how to call Activity Assignments. As far as I understand your request, the assignment it self shall stay "as-is" for the moment of voting but it shall later look like somebody else did the voting. Right? May i ask you for what use case you need such a modification?

    The sample is good start at least. What you can do is to make a server event in your Activity Template. In your case, the event type will probably will be onClose -> you want to change the displayed person to Z after X has voted and closed the activity.  

    Your custom Method must get the involved Activity Assignment items that store the assigned person and overwrites the properties with the new person.