Aras support response time - what´s your experience?

Hi Community,

this is a question that is probably more relevant for Aras subscribers.

How long does it take for you to receive a first response from Aras to your support request? Right now it always takes a couple of days until I get a answer. But sometimes I wait a couple of weeks. For technical complex questions regarding not urgent topics this is no problem for me. And I want to be fair: My questions are very often not the easiest ones to answer.

But I would be happy to hear about the experience of others!

Best regards!

  • Hi Community,

    with this post I want to push the thread. I wasn´t able to get a helpful response and second opinion to this topic yet.

    But I found this page that shows the official response times:

    I wonder how realistic and up-to-date these values are. From my point of view, we can add an extra "zero" to each one of the shown timings. I wonder if others face the same?

    I know that Aras has a strong focus to please fortune 500 customers (that often didn´t even use Innovator as primary PLM). I hope this attitude is now not also reflected in the support response times.