Export/Import custom created menu buttons


I'm trying to experiment a bit with the import/export tool of the Aras and I'm having a problem with custom menu items.

As the custom menu buttons were created inside the Administration/Configuration/Client Presentation/Javascript - Global, they're located by default inside the com.aras.innovator.cui_default package.

After I effectuate the export process for this, which executes without any warning/error message and after I'm doing the import to a different Aras Innovator, the main menu (w File, Edit, Views, etc.) is hidden and my custom buttons are not appearing inside the Javascript - Global.

The import/export is working well for other items/methods.

Can you suggest me a solution for this problem, please?

Thank you!


  • I also tried to add the custom button only to a new package and import it to a new environment, but it's not appearing at all, nor in the menu, nor in the Administration/Configuration/etc. 

  • Hi Chris_Smoke,

    I've written a blog which goes over some best practices for packaging, which you can find here. It's advised to avoid adding custom development to existing packages, and to instead add them to their own package. I'd also like to make sure that you're packaging up both the button itself, as well as the parent relationship. This will ensure that your button is attached to the CUI location you're adding it to. This project by a Labs team member is incredibly helpful when trying to add CUI items to a package.


  • Hi AJ Sebastian,

    Thank you for your reply. I managed to realize a successful export/import process on Aras Innovator 12 with a package of buttons, forms and methods, by using the tool you mentioned at your reply. However, I still cannot succeed with the same process on my Aras Innovator 11, as I can't find the parent relationship of the button. Do you have any suggestion, where can I find this? 

    Thank you!