How to configure notification message?

Hi, I need notification message for My Innovator-My Discussions. 

ex) User A, tagged user B in My discussion panel.  Then, User B will receive notification message.

I already created Notification Message. What should I do for the next? Thanks :) 

  • Hello,

    Notification Messages can be used when you want to create a custom message to send out to your users. The discussion threads created using Visual Collaboration have their own notification system automatically built-in so you don't need to worry about creating the notifications yourself. For more information on using these built-in notifications, you can check out the Visual Collaboration Administrator Guide which you can find in the CD Image available to subscribers. The CD Image is available on the Aras FTP Site.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • I followed instruction from Visual Collaboration Administrator Guide [ 6.Notifications ] part.  I've done from 6.1 to 6.5 and still no messages 

  • Hello,

    I think there's a few different things that could be happening here. Could you check the following things?

    1. Your Agent Service and ConversionServer are running and configured as described in the Visual Collaboration Administrator's Guide
    2. The User you are signed in as is either following the User sending the message or has the item being commented on bookmarked
      1. Users can configure who they follow under the Bookmarks section of the My Discussion page by clicking the button highlighted below and typing in a name
      2. Users can configure which items are bookmarked by using the Add Item to Bookmarks... action on the Item's form
    3. That you have waited the length of the MessageCheckInterval (by default this is 15 minutes)
      1. You can check this value by logging in as an admin and going to TOC > Administration > Variables and searching for MessageCheckInterval
      2. You can set a shorter interval by changing the Value of this Variable.
        1. The value is the number of Milliseconds before the next check for messages happens


  • i will check those parts.  Thanks!