Crowdsourced Requirements for an ARAS mobile client (iOS+Android)

Dear Community Members,

We are developing a react native based client that could communicate with the ARAS server- as we have expertise both on ARAS and react native framework.

Since it is react-native, it could be used by users for both iOS and Android platforms.

I thought of writing to the community to get feedback as to what could be the features that could be incorporated based on the real market need.

Right out of the box, I can think of these features that could be useful to the people on the go:
1. Change workflow management/approval (Currently managed by ARAS flow on windows store)
2. Part search/ edit
3. User management / access management

If you are working at an establishment that uses ARAS, and have a good use case for mobility, let us know specific features that we could incorporate into the mobile client.


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