Crowdsourced Requirements for an ARAS mobile client (iOS+Android)

Dear Community Members,

We are developing a react native based client that could communicate with the ARAS server- as we have expertise both on ARAS and react native framework.

Since it is react-native, it could be used by users for both iOS and Android platforms.

I thought of writing to the community to get feedback as to what could be the features that could be incorporated based on the real market need.

Right out of the box, I can think of these features that could be useful to the people on the go:
1. Change workflow management/approval (Currently managed by ARAS flow on windows store)
2. Part search/ edit
3. User management / access management

If you are working at an establishment that uses ARAS, and have a good use case for mobility, let us know specific features that we could incorporate into the mobile client.


  • Add Visual Collaboration support!

  • Hello Angela, could you please elaborate on your requirements of visual collaboration?

  • Hi Pranavp,

    when your target is a mobile application, it´s important to think about use cases for a mobile application.

    From my POV the focus should be to get relevant information from the system and communication. I don´t think people will use a mobile application to actually add/edit big product structures. Just image the Express ECOs Impact Matrix grid on your smartphone.

    What I would do with a mobile application:
    - Get the status of a product
    - Get Working Instructions (MBOM, TechDocs, Files)
    - Vote for change processes
    - Get (visualized) Reports like performance diagrams
    - Add a remark to an item with Visual Collaboration

    - Get (effective) BOM. Image a support person is standing in front of a product. This person don´t need the engineering BOM. He need the BOM of this product his is looking at. What is in the product right now?

    -  Lets image our support person now replaces one broken Part. We want to achieve full live-cycle tracability. So the support person should be able document his work (MRO!)
    - The support person of course also want to take a picture with his smartphone about a problem on site and add this one to a new Problem Report

    Many of the use cases are of course similar to Aras Flow. But it reflects the daily PLM work :-)

  • Hello Angela,

    excellent feedback and elaboration !!

    Will certainly to incorporate most of your suggestions in the app