About the Aras Innovator 11

  1. how to add user?
  2. how to use LDAP for user authentifcation?
  3. how to define a workflow?
  4. how to configure workflow to send email notifications?
  5. how demo workflow incl. email notification, approval
  6. create PCN / CRQ workflow based on current process description
  7. how to import items from pA or Cadim?
  8.  how to import BOM from pA or Cadim?
  9.  how does Aras support supplier management?
  10.  how works release management for parts, assemblies or devices  in Aras?
  11.  how to export data (parts, BOM, ...) into pA?
  12.  how to connect Altium and MCAD?
  13.  how to combine the same article with different article id?

Hello everyone, this are my questions please help me to resolve this.

Kind Regards