FMEA Reports


Has any one Developed any report for FMEA using query builder?

Assume a Program Object(Custom) Connected with 20 FMEAs which has 2 custom Properties Sub System and Components

Use Case is 

1 . Create a Report which will take input as RPN > any Number (Example : RPN>40 or RPN>85 etc) and give a report of each lines of FMEA which has matching criteria (RPN> number) . Report Should have Export to excel option.

2. Show the top 50 Critical lines for the Program .That means show a report with all lines having top 50 highest RPNs.

 I tried Creating this report by writing Custom Code where report is static one and i hard Coded the value in Code with RPN>40 . Also this does not have Export to Excel available. 

Question is can this report be generated using Query Builder ? 


Self Service Reporting tool will be of any help to build this kind of dynamic report ?