Requirement Engineering in Aras 11Sp12

I am trying to install Requirements engineering with Aras 11Sp12 . It failed and threw error that it is not compatible with this version of innovator.

What is the correct version of Innovator to use Requirement Engineering ?

  • Hello,

    You'll need to use Aras Innovator 11.0 SP15 in order to install Requirements Engineering 11.0 R1.

    Requirements Engineering is a new application that was built to replace the existing Requirements Management application that was supported in older versions including 11.0 SP12.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hello Chris,

    I have successfully installed Requirements Engineering 11.0 R1. But I encountered another problem, Editor Interface is completely pure white. Picture attached below.

    Please to help me.


    Henry Tu

  • Hello,

    I think the problem is that the Item Type tp_Applications doesn't exist yet. You can create it like this:

    TOC -> List -> New Item -> tp_Applictions (ID Item)

    You should download REQ11R1 and read file RE\11.0.222\Imports\RE\Import\Fixes\tp_Applications.xml.

    You edit file tp_Applications, replace id >> ID Item in line below:

     <Item type="List" id="4D54789248344C9AAC2E88A47CD93158" action="edit">

    <source_id keyed_name="tp_Applications" type="List">4D54789248344C9AAC2E88A47CD93158</source_id>

    Then, you will manual install Import Tool.

    Good luck,

    Henry Tu

  • Henry

    Can you please confirm the release(s) of the ARAS product and the Requirements Engineering module?

    Did you try installing Requirements Management 6 under ARAS 11R14?

    Thanks in advance