SSRS Reports with manual input parameters


I am trying to create a SSRS report with input search filters. 

Am getting most of the errors due to modalDialog and could not able to proceed further.

Request someone to help me in resolving this.

1. Followed Microsoft Reporting Service 2008 R2 Guide (Cookbook - User Input Reports) and used UserInputTemplate, where I get showModalDialog is not defined error.

2. Followed the same document (Cookbook - Date Selector) and getting error as below.

"The method "cui_default_mwmm_reports" failed."

Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Which Innovator version do you use? I haven´t looked in the cookbook, but it´s probably not up-to-date. The way how to use dialogs changed a little bit since a couple of Aras service packs. The term "modalDialog" is a good hint. The original modal dialogs will not work in newer Aras versions.

    Maybe this community project can help you:

    I use a custom variant of this project to pass some quantity varialbe to the final report. I remember that I updated the code around 1 year ago for 11SP11 and I know that it still works in 11SP15. 


  • Hi Thanks for taking time to reply. I would go through the link which you shared. Meanwhile I have found some alternatives by using custom-modal-dialog project from ArasLabs.

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