Display Workflow Signoffs in Email Notification


I want to display workflow signoffs of the item into the email body, when email notification is triggered on workflow activity. How do I achieve it?

  • Hello, Premal,
    Could I ask you to clarify what level of signoffs you need while I research this? Did you want all the signoffs for the entire workflow or just the signoffs for the current activity?

  • Hello Sam,

    Thanks for reply.

    I wanted signoffs for the entire workflow.

    I have configured email notification on each workflow activity. So if item is voted from workflow activity 1 to workflow activity 2. Signoffs till activity 2 will be sent to user and so on.



  • Premal,

    I've looked into this and it seems doable if you can take the logic behind the "Workflow Process History" Report Item and the "Workflow History Report" Method behind that and make them server-side, since you cannot call client methods from a server event (and sending the email from the workflow is a server event). You can then write a custom method to call the new logic in the email query string, since those are essentially AML calls.

    The query string would look something like this:
    <Item type="Method" action="WF_Email_Method" select="result"> //you may need to select something else
      <id>${Item/@id}</id> //place any variables you need to feed in to your method in tags like this, just like AML

    In the email body html field you would then pull data from this query like so:
    <p>Current Workflow Signoffs: </p>


  • Hello Sam,

    Acknowledged , I shall try your suggestion.



  • Hello Premal, could you let me know whether you have tried abov

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