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instead of classification field in the PART item type, if we want to define subtypes in a separate field in the PART form how can we configure the filter list?

For example, we have component types as Capacitors, Resistors, etc. For Capacitors, we have a detailed subtype list and we want to define them as filter list.

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  • Hi Duygu

    Yes, it is possible using filter list and we have implemented similar things earlier.

    Thank You


  • may I ask how?



  • Hi Duygu

    Step 1: Create a list name Subclass

    Step 2: In Filter Value tab in Subclass list, add label, name and filter value  (Example : Name: Resistor Subclass Label Resistor Subclass Filter Value : Resistor)

    Step 3: Create a property named Subclass in Part item type with data type Filter List. Select data source as Subclass list and Pattern as Classification

    Step 4: Save, unlock and close the Item Type

    Step 5: Open Part form and add the Subclass field

    Step 6: Save, unlock and close the form

    If you want to use different data source other than classification, then you need to create a property (in this case, component with data source list and give it as pattern for subclass)



  • thank you very much,

    I have done the same thing before but it did not work here. The list does not come to the subclass field in the Part instance. I don't know why.


  • Hi Duygu,

    I believe you're seeing is that you're using only the name of the child sub-class as your Filter value in the list. The actual value of the classification of an item is a fully-qualified path down the classification structure.

    For example, if we look at the CAD ItemType, it has a default classification structure of:

    I was able to reproduce the behavior you're seeing by creating a filter list against the classification property with filtered values like the image below.

    With these filters, my filtered list was not being populated with any values even when I was viewing a CAD with a classification of Part or Drawing. The issue here is the value of the classification field in the database for these CAD items is actually Mechanical/Part, Mechanical/Drawing, or Mechanical/Assembly.

    If you update our filter list to include this fully-qualified classification like the updated image below, you should notice that your list is populated with the values you expect.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Chris,

    this really works. thank you very much.


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