Need help in data migration from Aras 9.2 to Aras 11 SP5

Hi All, There is a need to migrate all the data from Aras 9.2 system to Aras 11.5. We are checking on a couple of options available like Package Export/Import utility, DB backup/restore procedure etc. to achieve this migration. Can someone please let us know the best way to migrate all the data ( like Changes, Items with different Revisions/Lifecycle/Workflow maps, BOMs, Projects, Methods any many other objects present in 9.2 system) in 9.2 to 11.5? Appreciate your quick response!!
  • Hi kullboys12,

    This is a pretty tough migration to tackle without Aras. There have been a lot of changes between Aras 9.2 and Aras 11.0. Honestly your best bet is to contact Aras ( to find out what your options are for upgrade assistance - either via subscription or a one time professional services project. 


    Eli Donahue

    Aras Labs Lead Engineer