Self-update from Innovator 12 to Release 2023 - Join the ride! Share the joy!

Hi community,

is anyone here who plans to update from Innovator 12SP9 to Release 2023 but doesn´t have the luxury of using the Aras update service?

I plan (to try) to update 1-2 instances from Innovator 12 to 2023 within this year. The process requires a lot of research and preparation. So I would be happy to hear if other users want to achieve something similar. Maybe we can exchange some experience?

Release 2023 self-update requires a full move of all data from one instance to another. So this can be more considered a "full migration".

Basically we have these tasks to solve:

1. Cleanup and document existing instance

- Achieve 100% documentation rate of literally everything ever touched in the instance

2. Prepare new instance

- Merge codetree customizations, custom database applications, customized Aras components and similar
- Update all components to fit Release 2023 (I expect .NET Core changes require some work, but I assume also UI needs some update)

3. Merge actual data / cutover

- This one requires a lot of scripting and tons of test runs. From my POV the most risky part of the whole process. Cutover time has to be minimal and 100% of the life data (Parts, Files, Workflows,.... including all the involved background tables) has to be accurately transferred.

Important: This thread is not indented to promote self-update "as easy to do fun process". Neither shall it encourage you to discontinue your subscription to save some money, cause it doesn´t. Self-update process takes an enormous amount of time and preparation, you bear all the risks and in the end you can still fail. So if you have a subscription, be happy about it, be nice to the update team, keep you database tidy and write proper test cases!

This thread is mainly intended to user groups too small to qualify for subscription and if you have less complex use cases.

Best regards